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The Band — Jericho
Release date : Nov. 02, 1993
  1. Remedy (Album Version)
  2. Blind Willie McTell (Album Version)
  3. The Caves of Jericho (Album Version)
  4. Atlantic City (Album Version)
  5. Too Soon Gone (Album Version)
  6. Country Boy (Album Version)
  7. Move To Japan (Album Version)
  8. Amazon (River of Dreams) (Album Version)
  9. Stuff You Gotta Watch (Album Version)
  10. Same Thing (Album Version)
  11. Shine A Light (Album Version)
  12. Blues Stay Away From Me (Album Version)

The Band – Jericho

The Band – Jericho

“ The production is good, the sound natural, and the songs well up to snuff- I prefer this album to some of the ones from their heyday. ” – Christopher Henrici on Amazon

“Great melodic tune (Dylan) and outsstanding changing lead vocals from Danko and Helm.” – Morten Vindberg  on Amazon

“I’ve owned this disc since it’s release, but feel compelled to comment on it now, after Rick Danko’s untimely death. Forget about the excellent rendition of Dylan’s “Blind Willie McTell” and the wonderfully crafted cover of Springsteen’s “Atlantic City.” Buy this for the sheer pleasure of listening to Danko’s beautiful sad voice on “Too Soon Gone.” The song title says it all. Rest in Peace, Rick and Richard.” – by craig_paul on Amazon



“It’s state of the art in the most damaging way.” – By Richard C. Walls, February 24, 1994




“Garth Hudson’s epic keyboard arrangements, the lovely ache of Rick Danko’s vocals, and especially Levon Helm’s raw, soulful singing (as well as his drumming and mandolin work) still define this as the music of the Band.” – iTunes