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Edgar Winter — Winter Blues
Release date : Jun. 15, 1999
  1. Good Ol' Shoe
  2. Nu' Orlins
  3. Texas
  4. New Millennium
  5. On the Tip of My Tongue
  6. White Man's Blues
  7. They Only Come Out At Night
  8. It's Only Money
  9. Show Your Love
  10. You Are My Song

Edgar Winter – Winter Blues

Edgar Winter  – Winter Blues

“Anyone that paid attention to his Intersound releases would have realized that Winter has been cutting good, solid records in the ’90s and this is no different..” – iTunes

“I heard one song off this disk on the radio. I bought it thinking there may be a couple of good songs on it. I was not disapointed, but was really surprised. It is a great CD. White Man’s Blues is really good and the words are amusing too. If you like blues, you should like this CD.” – By Hiram Gomez Pardo on Amazon


“Winter Blues is a likable collection that consists mostly of muscular blues-rock tunes. Winter plays keys, sax and percussion, and his singing is as lively as ever. The standout track is a catchy tribute to New Orleans entitled “Nu’Orlins,” which features a second-line rhythm and some fine performances by Dr. John and a Dixieland horn section.” –