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Doobie Brothers — Sibling Rivalry
Release date : Oct. 03, 2000
  1. People Gotta Love Again
  2. Don't Be Afraid
  3. Heartache
  4. Jericho
  5. On Every Corner
  6. Higher Ground
  7. Gates Of Eden
  8. Angels Of Madness
  9. Forty Fifth Floor
  10. Ordinary Man
  11. Five Corners
  12. Can't Stand To Lose
  13. Rockin' Horse

Doobie Brothers – Sibling Rivalry

Doobie Brothers – Sibling Rivalry

“What can I say these guys can still write some killer songs.” – by jessegonzales on Amazon

Really nice Artwork by Stanley Mouse on the Cover, compliments to Art Director – Michael A.Beck More Great music from Johnston, McFee, Simmons, Knudsen and Hossack. Guy Allison, All keyboards, but not a Doobie?? Thirteen cuts from 2000! Doobies give you your monies’ worth. The Doobie Vocals with Johnston, Simmons, McFee with singing drummers to boot. I just can’t say enough about what I know John McFee brings to the table! Harmonies, hand clapping, driving beats and sliding riffs. That’s just on the first cut. This is the Doobies I love and they continue to produce year after year. Go see them, you’ll see. Maybe not hear afterward, cause they turn it up like in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. Yea, I’ve seen them in all those decades. I still listen to them as much as about any music I have! And they still have something to say in their music. Not just an Entertaining Pretty Face on stage there. These old guys still rock like it is supposed to be done. Try a listen, compare it to what is new out there and see if it still isn’t superior to what you can choose to buy. Superior Guitar, Rythem and Bluesy Rock. Pop and Fun too. Who has two Drummers?? No, I don’t work for them, I just like what they do. Put it on when your Relitives are over for a backyard BBQ or a anniversary celebration. They’ll be glad you did! -By Double00Buck on Amazon

This might be the best ever Doobies album. A little bit of what you might expect or hope for, some pleasant surprises and hidden talents on display. -By Stan (Portland, Me) on

With an impressive string of Top Ten hits from the early to mid-’70s, the Tom Johnston-era Doobie Brothers worked a good-natured, if vapid, country boogie groove to popular advantage over the course of four albums, before the group evolved into keyboardist/vocalist Michael McDonald’s more urbane, occasionally brilliant, white-soul pop unit. On Sibling Rivalry, the first release since the tepid reception afforded 1990′s Brotherhood, founding members Johnston, Patrick Simmons, and Keith Knudsen do a lushly produced retread of the denim-friendly, early-’70s SoCal of “The Captain and Me” and “Toulouse Street.” There is plenty of up-with-life lyrics, spacey sound effects, and some truly lovely harmonizing on the lead single “People Gotta Love Again” and “Leave My Heartache Behind.” The more relaxed “Jericho” takes a page from Lowell George’s book of plaintive, southwestern funk, while “Don’t be Afraid” was so tailor-made for McDonald’s incomparable, faux-tortured soprano that to listen to Simmon’s muted vocals pick through it is like watching a man struggle with an oversized coat. It’s all been done before, of course, but the whole thing is so lovingly crafted and gee-whiz positive that you can’t help coming away from a couple of listens snapping your fingers. – by