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Dave Edmunds — Plugged In
Release date : Jul. 19, 1994
  1. Chutes and Ladders
  2. One Step Back
  3. I Love Music
  4. Halfway Down
  5. Beach Boy Blood (In My Veins)
  6. The Claw
  7. I Got the Will
  8. Better Word for Love
  9. Standing At the Crossroads
  10. It Doesn't Really Matter
  11. Sabre Dance

Dave Edmunds – Plugged In

Dave Edmunds – “Plugged In”

“This is one of his finest records,ranking up there with twang’n,repeat,and mallet.Beach boy music is a faithfull,moving tribute to Brian and the boys.The title track is punchy and infectious,while I got the will is as bluesy and rocking as any of his best.The production captures the raw,yet textured sound of his late 70′s albums,as opposed to the Jeff Lynne tunes in the 80′s.Better word for love is in his balled vien,beautifully sung as the Everly’s might have performed it.Dave proves his music is as timeless and exciting as we’ve known to expect from this student of american rock and pop history. ” – By I. Kitzrow on Amazon


“On his self-produced 11th solo studio album, Edmunds (1971′s “I Hear You Knocking”) ladles out heaping helpings of his pop-tinged brand of rockabilly, playing all the instruments himself. In “I Love Music,” this fun-loving rock veteran takes off on a party-time rollick. In “Beach Boy Blood,” he playfully blends swirling high-pitched harmonies and mellow melodies to offer a hilarious toast to the eternal surfer band. Edmunds doesn’t even take success too seriously. In “It Doesn’t Really Matter,” he sings, “You might just get to the top of the tree/But that’s a long way to fall.” He knows what some of today’s ponderous stars have forgotten—it is only rock and roll. And you’ll like it. (Pyramid)” –